Specialized packaging printing


Design and Prepress

Expert Designers

We have a team of expert designers to cover any of your design needs on new or pre existing products.

This is a process to help our clients develop folding packaging that meets their needs and specifications.


Offset Printing

What is it?

Offset printing is a printing system derived from lithography. It has an aluminum printing plate that has a UV Photopolymer that reveals the image when laser engraved.

This plate is mounted in a cylinder inside the machine and is partially humidified. Once it gets the ink, it is deposited in the chosen printing material.

Usually 4 base ink colors are used for printing. We use 8.

Additional Services

  1. Varnish varieties (contrast, anti-humidity, anti-oil, texturized, aromatic)

  2. Hot Stamping

  3. Enhancements

  4. Shiny and matte plastic laminate

  5. Metalized

  6. Corrugated and micro-corrugated splicing

  7. Acetate window

  8. Linear, double wall, and 4 and 6 corner gluing

  9. National and International shipping